Enamel Vs. Oil Media For Paintings

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If you’re interested in curating rich and vibrant paintings, enamel and oil paintings are great options to try. Each media for painting offers unique advantages which can enhance the beauty of your art. However, if it’s your first time buying art, you may be unaware of these pros and perhaps even the cons of each option.

To help you determine which one is suitable for your taste and space, fine arts expert Vargas Reis has compared enamel vs. oil media for paintings in this blog. Keep reading to see how they stack up against each other so you know which is the best for you.

a. Enamel painting
Over the years, I have developed a unique technique that involves a highly specialized application of enamel paints that provide brilliant colours on wooden surfaces. Enamel paints are fantastic at creating the impression of the paint always being wet. The sheen they create is unbeatable as it gives the painting a vibrant look. Also, paintings made with the “enamel technique” are extremely durable and resistant to UV lighting and touching.

The downside to using enamel paints is that detail for small parts of the painting can’t be achieved with ease. Enamel painting is also a time-consuming process, and the collector might have to wait a few months for a piece. Additionally, when putting up these paintings, one must be mindful of placement. As they are highly glossy, they shouldn’t be placed in direct light. Otherwise, they will be very shiny.

b. Oil painting
These paintings usually have a depth of colour, and great details on the subjects can be achieved with this paint. Moreover, 3D effects can be created by applying multiple layers of oil paint through a “glazing” technique.

That said, even though they can be repaired, oil paintings are fragile and susceptible to UV lighting. So, they need to be well protected from the sun. Similarly, just like with enamels, oil painting is a time-consuming process, and the collector might have to wait a few months for a piece.

Which option is better?
While either painting method could work for any art collector, the choice between the two options depends on the collector’s preference. The first one, using enamel paintings, is a very unique process developed by me. As a result, the artwork is one of a kind and impossible to replicate. However, If a collector wants a lot of detail on their artwork, I would recommend an oil painting. But, whatever paint you do choose, know that both media are extremely beautiful and bound to bring your art to life.

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